BIOS ROM checksum error

BIOS ROM checksum error

Recently one of my friends pc running windows xp has faced a problem showing (before booting)

Award BootBlock BIOS v1.0

BIOS ROM checksum error
Detecting floppy drive A media...

The pc did not even go till the BIOS screen and pressing DEL key or F2 key or F1 key also did not lead to the BIOS.

In case you face such problems dont panic. The first try you have to give in is to TRY REPLACING THE CMOS BATTERY. (it will be available in any computer peripherals shop and is not a costly affair at all to worry about).

After replacing the CMOS battery everything worked fine !!

But remember this might not be the problem always. It might be a hardware problem too on oyur motherboard. If the above try does not help you then consult some PC repair shop or claim your vendor about the guarantee if the board is still in guarantee period.

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