Get torrent file from magnet link

How to download or generate a .torrent file from a magnet link ?

In case you are not in favor of downloading torrents using magnet links, then there is a way to generate a torrent file from this magnet link.

In a month The Pirate Bay will only provide magnet links instead of torrent files in order to reduce load on the server. So, this post might be useful to you today or some day when you download a torrent from such sites.

Difference between magnet links and torrent files

A .torrent file is a small file which contains details about the larger files to be downloaded. Using this info, the local torrent client calculates a unique hash code to find the places from where the file can be downloaded.

A magnet link is just a hyperlink which directly contains the hash code to be used by the torrent client to start the download. Thus magnet links reduce the server load and so you can understand the reason for The Pirate Bay’s move.

How can torrent files be better than magnet links ?

Few reasons to use .torrent files instead of magnet links might be that magnet links might fetch initial data slowly ; torrent files can be saved onto local disk for future usage but not magnet links.

How to get torrent file from magnet link ?

Method 1 website offers free service to convert the magnet link and generate a downloadable .torrent file which you can use normally. Just paste the magnet link in the site and it will generate.

Method 2

Say if I found a torrent on The Pirate Bay (using magnet links only). Then just copy the “INFO HASH” key and search the same on another site like (isohunt is still giving .torrent files).

Method 3

If you are using utorrent as the desktop client, then it keeps store of the .torrent file in the appdata folder after the download has started. So, in this you first start the download using the magnet link and then extract the .torrent file for future use.

Hit Windows key and R simultaneously and type %appdata%\utorrent and hit enter. It shows a window containing some torrent files which are your previous and current downloads. Just find out the file needed.

These are few ways to get the .torrent files from magnet links. In case you know of more methods, do drop in some comments.

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