Microsoft targets Google again this Valentines day

Microsoft is at it again this Valentines Day by releasing an advertisement about Gmail and its privacy policy.

Microsoft’s Outlook mail marketing campaign has been targeting Google’s Gmail and its privacy policies. This campaign has been given the name “Scroogled”.

scroogled is a thoroughly remodeled Hotmail mail service from Microsoft which is definitely worth a try. The revamped interface has attracted a good number of users to switch to Outlook (more than 25 million active users) but we are not sure how many of them are still active.

From Gmail Man to Scroogled

Microsoft seems to be done with its initial campaign for which boasts about the clutter free and intuitive interface and is now back to its age old ‘Gmail man’ kind of campaigns. Of course the Gmail man keyword has now transformed to ‘Scroogled’. (Visit

Here is the latest V-day Scroogled ad from Microsoft:

Should we really be concerned about Gmail reading our mails ?

The intention behind Gmail reading our mails is to serve contextual advertisements and thereby make money from Gmail too.

Some feel it is better to have advertisements which are related to them rather than having random stuff coming up in their mailboxes.

After all in this Facebook era, it has become quite common to sacrifice privacy for other necessities. Remember Facebook has the potential to extract more accurate demographic and personal data than Gmail. When we are okay with revealing information there what is there to worry when Gmail does the same ?

May be Microsoft needs to come up with more interesting and really crowd pulling ads to attract users to its services.

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