Remove Ads Banner In Yahoo Messenger 9, 8, 7

Remove Ads Banner In Yahoo Messenger 9, 8, 7

The full ad banner at the bottom of yahoo messenger looks very annoying, specially it is a flash which makes it more annoying and disturbing for the user.

There can be different ways to remove or disable this banner ad in yahoo messenger in version 9, 8 and 7. Lets discuss the methods to remove ads from different versions of yahoo messenger.

However from version 9 , all the previous trciks to remove ads have not been working.

So here is Yahoo Messenger Tweaker -  one such working tool which lets you remove yahoo messenger 9 final ads and also work on various other versions of yahoo messenger.

Using Yahoo Messenger Tweaker you can :

1. Remove yahoo messenger ads

2. Run Multiple Instances of Yahoo Messenger

3. Enable Tabbed chat windows

4. Change yahoo messenger title

Download Yahoo Messenger Tweaker

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