How to watch streaming online videos with subtitles

 Add subtitles to streaming online movies / videos

Greenfish Subtitle Player is a portable subtitle player which can only play SRT files, allowing you to overlay subtitles on any streaming movie. Since the interface is partially transparent and offers extensibility, it can be moved over any streaming movie being played online. Useful when watching movies online that are in foreign language and do not include subtitles.
As we all know that many streaming videos doesn’t come with hard-coded subtitles and apparently there is no direct way to include the subtitle file, this tool enables user to view subtitles on the fly. All that is required is to specify the subtitle file (SRT), it will automatically start playing the subtitle file. Now drag it over the streaming player or any video player. The navigation controls will let you sync subtitles with video. Unfortunately there is no built-in mechanism deployed for video synchronization, so you’ve got to sync it manually.

The application is small (11 KB) and works as intented.

Hoever it lacks features like adjusting the delay in subtitles. But yes it is worth a try in case you really want the subtitles help.

Download Greenfish Subtitle Player 

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