Google Music Service working - video

Google Music Beta !! is here
I always felt there has been something missing in the menu bar after signing in with a Google account. Google has everything from Photos , Video, Docs to blogs. The one thing that has been missing is MUSIC service.

And now Google is all set for a beta release of its Music service.

It is said that this service will offer free storage for 20,000 songs !! So that means if you have a continuous net connectivity there is no need for huge memory in your phone.

With Amazon already starting its cloud drive and cloud player storage services for multimedia and a soon to be announced music service from Apple, Google might be starting its service soon.

The Amazon's cloud drive service already has an Android app (sorry iPhone users) and the new Google music service will be another add on for Android users thus posing a real competition for Apple.

Coming to the Google music service , it is right now in an invite-only beta stage, but the company has released a video highlighting some of the most important features.

You can find the way the service runs on web and an Android tablet in the video.

The player stores your music in the cloud, but the songs you’ve recently played will be cached and available even if you go offline. You can also easily select specific artists and albums you want to have available.

The entire experience is synced across all your devices. For example, if you create a playlist on your desktop computer, it’ll also be available on your mobile phone and tablet.

You can also see a screenshot of the Google music on Android phone.

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