Apple iPad was ready in 1985


Apple iPad, the most successful touchscreen tablet PC, was ready in 1985!!

Ray Hammond, once the neighbour of Steve Jobs, told this at the Nasscom Engineering Summit in Pune(India) on October 12th, 2011. (Ray Hammond wrote the world's first guide to e-commerce, 'The OnLine Handbook' in 1984).

Yes, the iPad was ready in 1985, even before John Sculley(the CEO Jobs had hired) fired Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

At the Summit, Mr.Hammond said “John Sculley told me that Steve had left. But he said look at what Steve has left us with and he showed me a video which Steve had prepared. If you see the video, it is exactly the iPad. John then told me this product was meant to launch in 2010."

P.S: iPad was launched on Jan 27, 2010!!


This is not all. The video also shows the voice assistant feature introduced by Apple in iPhone 4S, called Siri. It might be a coincidence (a weird thing too) that the video points that the events take place in 2011, indirectly.

In the video, a professor asks the voice-assistant to fetch him an article published five years ago and it shows an article published on July 20,2006 – thus showing that it is in 2011 the events have taken place.

P.S: The voice assistant feature (Siri) was introduced in iPhone 4S in October,2011!!

Read more about the keynote in The Economic Times.

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