Use your photo as Windows 7 logon screen [Tuesday Themes]


Welcome back to the Tuesday Themes section. This Tuesday we are happy to share with you a single – click method to change Windows 7 logon screen using Logon changer. So, now you can as well use your own photo as Windows 7 logon screen.

Well this can also be done manually – but it is not worth wasting so much time to change a logon screen. (Though easy, there are a lot of steps involved to change logon  screen).

I recently found this simple small size software – named Tweaks Logon changer for Windows 7 – which does the job for us with a simple user interface.


  1. Download Logon changer
  2. Run it. (No installation needed)
  3. Click on “Change Logon Screen”
  4. Browse for the image you want to use as the logon screen.
  5. Select it – That’s all you are done.

Here are the screenshots :


The best part of using this software is, incase the image is larger than 245KB, it suggests us an option to automatically resize it or not as shown below :


Once installed, the following message is shown and you are done.


LINKS: Tweaks Logon Changer for Windows 7

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NOTE: Before suggesting a 3rd party software, we thoroughly test it and only then recommend its usage if it is safe.

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