How to customize Windows 7 Boot Screen


If you have been using Windows 7 for quite sometime, the same old boot screen could be a bit boring – though has a wonderful animation. So, why don’t we spice it up a little bit and make it more interesting ?


How to customize Windows 7 Boot Screen ?

  1. We will be using Windows 7 Boot Updater for this.
  2. Download Windows 7 Boot Updater (links at bottom of the article)
  3. Open the .exe file which you just downloaded.

  4. Now to the bottom left corner, click on Message 2 tab to find something like the following image:

  5. You may change the value in the TEXT field to anything you like. Also the font color, position and the font size can be changed here. After changing click on the Play button ( to the bottom right ) to preview how it looks like.
  6. The bottom copyright showing Microsoft Corporation can also be changed by clicking on the Message 1 tab.

Click on Apply and you are done. The same process can be done even for the boot screen got while Resuming Windows (got after Hibernating the system).

Here is the modified boot screen I am using now :


This article shows just the basics of modifying the boot screen. Stay tuned for the coming articles where we show changing the boot screen completely.

DOWNLOAD LINKS : Windows 7 Boot Updater

CAUTION:  In case of any errors while booting (after using this) do not panic ! There is a way out. Just follow the restoration steps described here.

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