Google Search–How it works?


Did you know that Google’s Page Rank algorithm was previously patented to Stanford University ? Did you know that Google uses cheap computers in a cluster rather than a single huge drive ? Want to find more ? Read on.


The way Google Search works might be quite familiar to many of us. But in this 2007 flash presentation, I found the explanation even more crisp and clear without missing out much of the details.

The presentation seems to be created in 2007 by on the occasion of Google’s 10th anniversary.

If the above flash presentation is not clear, open this link to view in maximized mode.

Interested in more about Google search algorithm ?

Google Search uses the Page Rank algorithm (named after Larry Page, co-founder of Google). This algorithm is Larry’s project at Stanford along with Sergey Brin. The algorithm is patented to Stanford University and it is exclusively used by Google. Stanford University has received 1.8 million shares of Google in return for this.

More details about the patent at Google Patents page. | What is Page Rank ?

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