How to remove Windows 8 without affecting Windows 7


Windows 8 Developer Preview, as the name suggests, is just intended for the developers and does not come with all the features which will be included in the final release.


So, no wonder if you want to uninstall or remove Windows 8 Developer Preview. This guide is for those who have installed Windows 8 dual booting with Windows 7. Let us start.

First login to Windows 8 and backup your data into hard disk partitions other than the partition running Windows 8. After copying, reboot your system and login to Windows 7.

Step 1: Formatting Windows 8 Partition

Now, in Windows 7, open My Computer.

Right click on Windows 8 partition and select Format. Leave the settings as default and select Quick Format option and click Start.



After the format, all the Windows 8 data is removed. But you still have to edit Windows 8 boot menu entry.

Step 2: Removing Windows 8 Boot entry

After formatting the partition, you need to remove the Windows 8 boot option from Advanced Boot Options menu. You will have to use BCDEdit command to modify or remove the Windows 8 Developer Preview boot entry.

Fortunately there is a GUI alternative for this – BOOTICE. (Download link below)

Bootice is a portable Windows utility which can be used to edit the boot configuration data file.

Download and Run the Bootice utility and goto the BCD Edit tab. The System BCD option has to be selected and click on View/Edit.


Now you find the Boot Configuration menu opened. Now, select Windows 8 Developer Preview option on the left and towards the right side, hit Del option to remove the Windows 8 entry in the boot menu.


That’s all. You have got rid of Windows 8 safely and now can continue using Windows 7 without any hitches.

Follow the same steps even for Windows 8 Server Developer Preview, in case you are using Windows Server Developer Preview dual booting with Windows 7.

If you have performed a clean install of Windows 8 by removing Windows 7, then you will have to use Windows 7 installation DVD to perform a new installation of Windows 7.

Download Bootice utility

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