List of Google Search Easter Eggs


We, the regular users of Google Search, must be familiar with some of the easter eggs found on Google Search. Let us take a look into each one of them – you can try them after the break !

1. Zerg Rush

Type in “zerg rush” (without quotes) in Google search and you find the 'O's eat up all your 'Zerg Rush' search results.

zerg rush_easter_egg

You can as well destroy the O falling by double clicking on each of them. This is inspired from the famous game StarCraft.

2. Kwanzaa

Type kwanzaa in Google Search and we find series of candles below the Google search bar. Inspired from the "Kwanzaa" festival in United States.


3. Recursion

Type in Recursion in Google Search and it clearly shows us the meaning of Recursion by saying “Did you mean Recursion?” and clicking on it again shows the same result.


4. Christmas

Type Christmas (will work during Christmas time) and you find the result page decorated.


5. Let It Snow

Type Let it snow and the results page gradually gets frosted with the search button showing us to Defrost.


6. Askew

Typing askew  or tilt  slightly tilts the google search result page.


7. Do a Barrel Roll

Type in "Do a Barrel Roll" or "Z or R Twice" and the screen rotates !!

This is inspired from the video game "Star Fox" developed by Nintendo in which a rabbit asks to do a barrel roll.


These are some of the Google Easter Eggs observed. Do let us know if you have observed any others.

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