This Alarm app wakes you up with a Puzzle


If you think the alarm in your Android or iOS or Windows phone is not capable of waking you up – here is a way out.

Solve a puzzle to turn OFF the Alarm

Isn’t this an interesting way to get you off the bed and also help keep our mind active immediately after waking up? Here are some Free such apps for each OS.

For iOS (iPhone,iPod touch,iPad)

- Morning Worm Puzzle Alarm clock : You got to solve a jigsaw puzzle to turn the alarm Off. The screenshots below explain this better:


For Android

- Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android is a free alarm app which can be set in different modes like solving an equation / memorizing a pattern. What more can keep you asleep after solving it ?


For Windows Phone

-SmartAlarm (For Windows phone 7.5 or higher) : is a combination of normal alarm and a set of various puzzles with 3 difficulty levels. The puzzles can be anything like Matching colors, matching sizes or solving a calculation.


These are 3 such kind of alarm apps which are sure of waking you up in the morning. Guess this is one of the best uses a smartphone can be used for !!

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