Microsoft Surface : Can it beat the Apple iPad ?

Microsoft Surface : Can it beat the Apple iPad ?

Microsoft has today announced its own tablet called “Microsoft Surface”.  There are 2 versions of the Surface tablet – one which runs Windows 8 Pro and other Windows RT (for ARM based devices).

Microsoft’s foray into tablet segment marks its intent to concentrate on the tablet segment market which is currently dominated by Apple with its iPad.

Few details about Microsoft Surface

The chart below is a comparison of the 2 variants of the tablets: 

Do observe that the ARM based Windows RT tablet is thinner than the ones running Windows 8 Pro. The Windows 8 Pro versions are run on Intel  architecture.

Here is the introductory video by Microsoft about the Surface :

Still there are no details about the launch date, price, processor speed, RAM etc.

Surface Vs. iPad

Apple iPad
Microsoft Surface
Screen size
9.7 inch
10.6 inch
High resolution retina Display
HD / Full HD variants (not much info on resolution)
0.37 inch
0.37inch (Win RT)
0.53inch(Win 8 Pro)
USB Ports
Need extra dongles
2 USB ports
Smart Cover
3mm thick keyboard
16 – 64GB
32 – 128GB

With all the enchanting features, Microsoft Surface has evoked a positive response all over. Lets wait and see how it boils down to.

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