Screenshots of Firefox OS for smartphones


Screenshots of the yet to be released Firefox OS developed by Mozilla foundation.

Smartphone segment is a rapidly growing market today. Here is yet another operating system targeted for smartphones from Mozilla foundation and it is named Firefox OS (previously called Boot2Gecko).

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The Firefox OS was announced in April and would likely be released in the first quarter of 2013 and will be competing against a bunch of smartphone OS like Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Palm OS, Blackberry OS, webOS etc.

Short intro on Firefox OS

Firefox OS is a smartphone OS based on Linux similar to Android. But the OS is based on Gecko, the layout engine used by Firefox Web browser, and runs applications developed in HTML5.

The OS is set to initially target all the Android based smartphones and it has been demonstrated on Samsung Galaxy SII , an Android phone. Firefox OS smartphones will initially run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

Mozilla Foundation claims it is lighter, faster and “more open” than Google’s Android.

Screenshots of Firefox OS

- Firefox OS lock screen and Menu


- Contacts page and Photo Gallery


- Outgoing and Incoming calls


- Audio player on home screen and calendar


- Mail and messages Inbox in Firefox OS


These are some of the screenshots and make the OS look quite promising.

With this, Mozilla foundation is likely to be a competitor for Google and ironically the foundation’s current business model depends on search traffic to Google (which is the default search engine on Mozilla Firefox) !!

Screenshots by TechWeekEurope.

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