Microsoft Windows 8 to be out in late October


Finally Microsoft has announced that its new operating system named Windows 8 will be available from late October.

Update: Windows 8 to be available from October 26th, 2012.


Release To Manufacture (RTM)

Windows 8 will be released to manufacture in the first week of August,2012.

RTM version means that the first version of the final code is “ready” and is put into the discs.

Computers running Windows 8 will be shipped from the last week of October as anticipated – as told by Tami Reller, corporate vice president of Windows, at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto.

Windows 8 will be available in 109 languages across 231 markets worldwide.


Date announced

Release To Manufacture

First week of August 2012

Commercial availability

Last week of October 2012

Pricing the apps

Right now, all the apps available on the market place for Windows 8 are free to try for the Release preview. However, there might be pricing for some apps after the RTM (release to manufacture) version is released. (We all know Microsoft is good at this!)

Upgrade Pricing

If you are currently running Windows XP or Vista or 7 then the upgrade just costs $39.99 till January 31,2013. After this the upgrade will be costlier ! Essentially Microsoft wants to encourage the users shift to the radically changed new OS.

What about Microsoft Surface ?

As of now, no news about the much awaited Microsoft Surface tablet. It is anticipated that the release might be just before the Thanksgiving (November).


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