Google Search Cheat Sheet–Make the most of Google


Here are a set of interesting tips and tricks to make better use of Google Search.

Most of us definitely use Google Search atleast once a day searching for some info on anything ranging from a project to a Do-it-yourself guide. But not all of us finally come out with a good solution for the search query.

What’s the difference ?

Not that we don’t know how to use Google. It is all about How well can we make use of Google Search !!

So here are some basic rules / methods to follow while searching (some of us might have already been using these):


Using Google Search for a Project?


Google Search can be used as a Dictionary, calculator too


These few tips can help us get better fine tuned answers from Google Search. For those who are too much into Google+ do refer this ultimate shortcut collection for Google Plus.

[via HackCollege]

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