Most Popular Android Phones in Asia by country

Here is a look at what are possibly the most popular Android smartphones in each country in Asia.

Samsung everywhere

Samsung sold 10 million Galaxy SIII devices in the first 2 months from its launch and has brought in huge profits to Samsung. With Samsung introducing both high end and low end smartphone variants in every country, no wonder that the world's top technology firm by revenue is definitely the most popular smartphone maker in the continent which is clear from the following image.

High end phones Vs. Low-end phones usage

High end phones are more popular in countries like Hong-Kong and Singapore with Galaxy SII, SIII and Galaxy Note being in the top. No wonder that these nations have the highest smartphone penetration.

However it is the opposite case in India. In India, the entry level Samsung Galaxy Y is the most popular smartphone with 18.2% of users.

Home country dominance

In every country, standing on top is a Samsung smartphone except in Japan where Sony is at number One. HTC, the Taiwan based smartphone maker, is at the second spot even in its home country.

The data is compiled based on the usage in July 2012 by Animoca, an app-maker for Android based devices.

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