Stuxnet–Anatomy of a computer Virus


An interesting video about Stuxnet virus and the story behind it.

Just found this informative video which describes Stuxnet, a computer worm allegedly developed by the US/Israel which has been discovered in June 2010. However, there are some recently revealed facts about this cyber weapon implying the US involvement.


Who is behind this ?

It is suspected that US and its allies (Israel) are behind the development and testing of this worm targeting Iranian organizations.

“Mr. Obama decided to accelerate the attacks — begun in the Bush administration and code-named Olympic Games.” (source: New York Times on June 1,2012)

How Stuxnet has come into action ?

An Op-Ed article from NYTimes, describes that the primary target of Stuxnet is to infect the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Iran. Since, the plant has an isolated network, it could have been introduced through a memory stick.

However, due to a programming error, Stuxnet found its way into the Internet also affecting thousands of systems worldwide.

Here is a short and informative video produced for an Australian TV program HungryBeast about Stuxnet describing it in detail.

Being an “open-source weapon” having the potential to crash a power grid too, Stuxnet sounds to be the highly potential & dangerous virus. No wonder these software weapons are going to be part of a country’s army in the near future !!

Interested readers can go through the Wikipedia description of Stuxnet.

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