How to get TurboC running in Full Screen mode on Windows 7 ?

A simple way to install TurboC in Windows 7 and also run it in Full Screen mode.

The Problem

If we download TurboC and install it in Windows 7 it does not run in Full Screen mode even upon pressing Alt+Enter (Full Screen command for TurboC ).


There is a work around for TurboC to run in Full Screen mode. Disable your graphics adapter manually in Device Manager and then run TurboC.

But, doing this every time manually before running TurboC is tedious. Fortunately there is a solution for this too.

The Solution

TurboC Simulator is a tool which helps install TurboC on the Windows 7 PC and also helps tweak or fix any issue related to Full Screen mode in TurboC.

Steps to get TurboC installed and run in FullScreen mode in Win7

Download TurboC simulator and install it.


Launch the software after installation.


Then click on the Fix button at the center of the window to automatically install and fix TurboC.


A new shortcut named “TurboC FIXED” is created on the desktop. Open it and you find TurboC opening in full screen.



Link: Download TurboC simulator

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