Fixing Chrome registration failed error in Firefox

Fixing “Chrome registration failed” error in Firefox.

I have been experiencing a problem of three /four “Chrome Registration Failed” error messages being presented to me every time I restarted Firefox.
Fixing “Chrome registration failed” error in Firefox.
Browsing through showed a suggestion for a fix (delete the extensions.ini, extensions.cache and extensions.rdf files from the profile profile). On doing that however not only did it NOT fix my problem, but in fact it made it worse – every single add-in I had installed was reset to a “needs restart” and even after a restart the add-ins were not installing.

Finally I found a solution browsing through the same mozilla forum..

To fix Chrome registration failed error:

Right click on the Firefox icon on your desktop.

Select “run as administrator”

That is all!! Add-ons installed and working.

After initially running Firefox as administrator there is no need to do this everytime - doing it once fixes the problem.

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