Install Vista from Bootable USB drive

How to install Vista from Bootable USB drive ?

Once a friend of mine installed Windows Vista on his laptop which does not have a DVD drive. I thought he must have installed from his harddisk( this process does not remove the existing OS).

He just followed the process given below to Install Windows Vista from a Bootable USB drive.

1.Format the USB stick as NTFS
2.Make USB Volume Active
install vista from Bootable USB drive

3.Load up an (elevated) command prompt window.[ Right click on "CMD" and select "Run as administrator". ]

4.Run diskpart.exe and then set your drive and partition to point to the stick. Make sure you set the partition as Active.

Do this by:-

1. list volume (to determine the volume number for your drive, in my case 2)
2. Select volume 2
3. active

5.Create Boot Sector

There's a tool in Vista called bootsect.exe. Cant find it? Its on the Vista DVD itself in the Boot directory.

6.Run bootsect /nt60

7.Copy over Vista and Boot Files

From the Vista DVD copy over the

* Boot directory
* Sources directory and
* the files in the root directory

and you should be good to go!!

That completes the process and you can now install Vista on any PC without a DVD drive. However see that the pendrive you use for this has enough space [4GB recommended] to accomodate all the vista files. Thanks to Dave

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