Installing Google Talk for All Users in Windows Vista

Installing Google Talk for All Users in Windows Vista

When installing Google Talk from the Talk website, Windows Vista will only install the application for the user currently logged in to Vista. Other users on the same machine will not have access to Google Talk.

If you'd like to install Google Talk for All Users:

1. Visit
2. Click Download Google Talk.
3. Save the installation file to your desktop.
4. Right-click the installation file (googletalk-setup.exe) and select Run as administrator.
5. Follow the instructions to install Google Talk. The application will be available to all users on this machine (though each will still need to sign in with their own Google Talk username, and won't have access to others' accounts).

To uninstall Google Talk if it has been installed for All Users:

1. Right-click the Uninstall Google Talk shortcut from your Start menu.
2. Select Run as administrator.
3. Follow the instructions to uninstall the application.

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