find your friend on the internet

Want to find your friend on the internet ? how do you do it? You must have surely tried Google search of his name and your try must have been in vain.

When I was faced with the same problem of poeple search, I found a site called

PIPL is surely the best people search engne on the net as far as i know. All you have to do is to enter your friend's name , location.

Unlike most search engines, Pipl crawls the Deep Web. A general purpose search engine typically crawls the Web by following links to URLs found in other pages. By contrast, the Deep Web is made up of pages that no other pages link to. Dynamic pages are a good example of these sorts of pages. This means that if an engine wants to index pages located in Deep Web repositories it has to “guess” possible URLs. Just how big is the Deep Web? No one really knows but it’s generally accepted that it is vastly greater (orders of magnitude greater) than the Surface Web—the pages which are easily indexed by search engines.

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