funny CON.JPG error in Vista

Try naming a file with a name CON.JPG .. in Windows Vista.. bet you cannot .

Today when i was trying save a screenshot of some image on a laptop with Vista installed in it, i found a wierd error.. infact not an error but a prohibited file name for a file.
Try saving an image in Vista with a name CON.JPG and you find an error saying
" this file name is reserved for use by Windows"
well, Infact his is not an error but it means the file might be a system file in use..

A funny error ... isnt it?

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Leonard Lee aka karbonphyber said...

con is used in windows. if you search under the commands used in the command prompt days of yore.

copy con .... was a valid term to create a file and it's contents from the comfort of the command prompt.

i wonder if it's because of this