Disable and Remove Libraries from Windows 7

In Windows 7 Explorer, Libraries special folder is prominently displayed on the navigation pane, with four default libraries for different file types: Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos, which pre-configured to include the user’s profile folders for these respective file types, as well as the computer’s corresponding Public folders. Not all users will like the Library feature in Windows 7 though.

Windows 7 does not by default provides ability to disable or turn off Library feature. With the following registry trick, it’s possible to “disable” and remove Libraries feature from Windows Explorer in Windows 7.

How To Disable and Remove Libraries from Windows 7

Download and apply the following registry registration entries file to remove Libraries in Windows 7. See the code below to know which registry keys and values that is going to be removed, and if necessary, backup the affected registries.


Alternatively, copy and paste the following code(blue color text) into a text editor such as Notepad, and save as a file name with .reg extension, then double click to run the .reg file.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


For user who decides to restore and re-enable or turn on back the Libraries feature in Windows 7, download and apply the following registry registration entries file instead:



Hartismere said...

I removed Libraries, Network, Homegroup and favourites from Explorer left pane successfully. However, along the way something took Desktop with it. I absolutely want Desktop to appear in the left pane. Anyone know how to bring it back, preferably while still doing without the others.

The Netizens said...


Goto C:\Users\

You find "Desktop" folder in it. Just drag the folder to your favourites and drop it there. You must be done.