Get old Facebook chat back


Get old Facebook chat back – remove the annoying sidebar chat

The new facebook chat on the sidebar is irritating not just me and you but millions of users out there. So, let us now not have any further delay before I explain you how to disable the new facebook chat and get the old facebook chat back.


1. A greasemonkey script whose link is below.

2. Google Chrome / Firefox browser.

3. Of course a facebook account !

In order to get rid of the new Facebook sidebar chat that has been included, you will need to install a Greasemonkey script. Just head over to this link and click on the install button. This installs the script and reverts Facebook chat to the older version.


The script should work fine in Google Chrome and Firefox with the Greasemonkey add-on installed. If you are using a browser like Opera, Internet Explorer or Safari just search around for procedures regarding greasemonkey scripts for them.


Update: There is another way for Chrome users to restore the old facebook chat. Use a Google Chrome Extension called Facebook Cool to restore the old Facebook chat. Download the extension from here.

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