Home made stylus for iPhone and iPad


Home made stylus for iPhone and iPad

The latest touch screen phones and tablets (iPhone, iPad and almost all Android phones) have capacitive touch screens which necessitate the use of fingers to operate them.

However there is an option of using a dedicated stylus (for capacitive touch screens) – these are expensive too !

So now that you plan to use a stylus or want to test how does it feel like or want to know what are you comfortable with, here is a home made alternative.

You can make a stylus with cotton ear buds.

Things needed :

Cotton ear bud (cotton swabs) , aluminum foil , water.


Tutorial on how to make a home made stylus


Procedure :

Wrap the foil around the ear bud such that the metal touches the cotton portion of the bud. Then dip the cotton in water such that it becomes slightly wet and your stylus is now ready to use.

Thanks to Amit of Digital Inspiration.

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