Facebook timeline–An online visual diary


Facebook has recently announced a major revamp of its user profiles’ look with something called ‘timeline’.

Facebook timeline is a chronologically arranged visual representation of a user's status updates, photos, and other activities on Facebook marking the various events of his life. A user can share and highlight memorable and important moments from the past - posts, photos, videos, and events - and make them visible for others.

From this the only thing that is evident is that Facebook wants to stay active for a very long time. Not like Orkut or MySpace !


Facebook has long known a lot about us. Each status update we enter, each friend we connect with, each place we check in to helps Facebook learn more about us.

Facebook has now taken all that data (you didn't think it would forget all that, did you?) and presented it in Timeline, which allows users to scroll back through time.

Here is a video showing how the timeline looks like :


Saw the video above ? LIKEd it ? Fine. Now comes the other side of this. Yes you guessed it right – PRIVACY CONCERNS !!

With all the vital information about a person as to what/where-abouts of him when grouped so attractively and probably in an organized way … the social networking vs. privacy debate gains fuel !!

From Facebook’s perspective it sounds like a lot of revenue with the ever increasing online social networking advertising potential.

The good news here is that Facebook does allow users to control what is displayed on the Timeline. As users scroll back, posts can be zapped from the Timeline (or deleted from Facebook altogether). Stories can also be promoted to appear larger.

With Timeline, Facebook is only furthering its grip on our online lives. A platform that knows this much about its users will continue to be an incredibly powerful force in their digital lives.

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