Disable / Enable Google Instant search


How to disable / enable the Google Instant Search?

Google Instant Search is what we have been experiencing now a days. It is just a search – as – you – type feature on Google search. The search results keep appearing as you type words.


It helps us find results even with lesser words and is helpful in saving time or probably when we are not sure of the search keywords.

However it might not always be useful – perhaps if your browser is slow and hangs up without giving the results.

To Disable :

Go to Google search settings page and select “Do not use Google Instant” option at the bottom of the page. Save it and the settings will be stored as a cookie, so you'll stayed opted out until the cookie is cleared. Note that the preference will only apply to that particular computer and Internet browser, and it is not tied to your Google Account.

To Enable:

Follow the same steps as above and select “Use Google Instant — predictions and results appear while typing” option on search settings page.

If incase you are not able to enable the instant search goto this page  : http://www.google.com/instant and click on the "Try it Now" button to enable it.

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