Refurbished Apple iPhone 4 for 22k in India


Apple iPhone 4 (refurbished) for Rs.22,500 ($450) in India

While the latest iPhone variant – 4S – is ready for launch in India, there is even more good news for iPhone lovers in India. The Apple iPhone 4 “factory” refurbished units will be available in India for Rs.22,500 (nearly $450) for the 16GB version.

As of now, there is not yet any official announcement. But confirms the (good) news. The phone will be available with bill and 1-year warranty just like a brand new mobile phone and it is factory unlocked.

But I guess the word “refurbished” might not be sounding good to you. Theoretically, there is nothing to worry about refurbished phones.

iPhone_4_India_refurbishedSo, what are refurbished phones ?

Refurbished phones are not second-hand units. They are models that have been sent back to the assembly stage in the factory and are re-engineered due to any reason – could be due to a damaged/ malfunctioning part , for changing parts , for cleaning etc.

For a comparison - A brand new iPhone 4 if bought from Aircel / Airtel operators in India costs around Rs.35,000 ($700) for the 16GB variant and this should have to be used for a period of 2 years with monthly rental.

If you think the above plans are expensive (they clearly are), then the refurbished iPhone 4 news (not yet confirmed officially) is definitely a good news for us. So, all we got to do now is to wait for the official confirmation from Apple about this.

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