Block Ads in Android apps and browser


Annoyed by the ads which take up the space in the small screen of your Android device ? You now have a way out.

Let us start straight away with the how-to-do steps. The steps depend on whether your Android phone is rooted or not-rooted.

For Rooted phones :

block_ads_in_rooted_android     block_ads_in_rooted_android_2

A good and popular app for this is AdAway. It blocks ads in both the browser and in your apps.

Download the app – Run it – Click on Download Files and apply Ad Blocking.

That is all. It downloads a few hosts files and merges them into the phone. Changes take place after rebooting. To disable Ad-Blocking, click on “Disable ad-blocking”.

In case there are still ads which have not been blocked, you can manually black-list them. For this –

Run AdAway – Click on Menu button – Select Lists. Next hit the Black (meaning Blacklisted) Tab – click Menu button – select Add .Type the URL of the ads you want to block. Example : If you wanted to block then type this and select Add. After a reboot these ads are blocked.

But do remember blocking ads might “annoy” some apps and they become unusable. In such cases, you also have an option to white-list them (allow them to display ads).

For whitelisting – Goto Menu – select List – hit White tab. Select Menu and click on Add to add the url (of the ads like as I said above – not the URL of the website where you wanted ads to show up).

NOTE: Before uninstalling AdAway make sure you click on Disable Ads – otherwise your phone keeps blocking ads even after removing the AdAway app.

For Un-Rooted phones :

If you have not rooted your Android phone, then you don’t have as many options as the above. But still there are ways for this too.

     block_ads_in_un_rooted_android     block_ads_in_un_rooted_android_2

For this, you need a browser which supports ad-blocking. Firefox is the easiest way for this. Download Firefox for your mobile – install AdBlockPlus addon for firefox which can be got from the add-ons menu in the Settings.


For unrooted phones : Firefox browser

For rooted phones : AdAway app

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