Out dated PC advertisements dont be shocked


Here are few out dated advertisements related to the Personal Computers and their peripherals which shocks you instantly and then brings you a chuckle. Finally you appreciate prices today.

  • A 10MB hard disk costing $3495. Today a 1TB hard disk costs around $90. [1TB is 1million times 10MB]


  • The next image seems to be like a news item about Apple’s Macintosh. It addresses having a 3.5 inch floppy drive as a “miracle”.


  • 80MB hard disk for $12K and 300MB for $20K. Today a 1TB external hard disk is $90.


  • Apple does it again !! Apple Lisa with 5MHz processor and 1MB of RAM – all this at $9,995 only. [Now a days processor speeds range from 2-3GHz and RAM sizes have a minimum of 3-4GB and all this around $500]


  • Here below is an ATARI gaming console. Take a look at the Joysticks.


  • IBM’s 5100 Portable computer. Yes that is indeed “portable”. It has around 16KB – 64KB of RAM.


  • Radioshack’s $399 color computer – Can support upto 512KB of memory and the CPU is of 1.79MHz.


And this is not all. Every gadget / device when introduced is obviously costly. But these ads portray prices which are exorbitant. So, imagine a person who once had a computer – it was not just a gadget – it was a luxury !

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Matthew said...

The Apple Lisa ad is a mock ad showing what the new style Apple website would've shown on release for the Lisa.