Google maps help indoor navigation


Good news for Android users – You can now make use of Google maps on your Android device to navigate inside a mall or an airport and that too floor-by-floor.

Google has announced the feature yesterday and as of 30th November, there are only a few locations in US and Japan which support this feature. However I bet this feature will soon be available in other locations too (not just in US) as Google allows uploading a floor plan.

So, to make use of this what is required ? Simple – an Android device and latest Google maps (version 6.0). Just zoom in to your current location and it displays the shops, restaurants etc., if you are in a mall. The feature is fun and really helpful especially if we get lost in huge malls or even more helpful in airports.

But, the success of this new feature depends on the strength of the GPS signal inside the mall or airport.

Here is a video by Google about the feature :

Also, check out the list of indoor maps which are available.

via Google Lat Long Blog

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