Crack this code to become a spy


UK Intelligence agency GCHQ has launched this campaign to recruit coders or ethical hackers as  spies. So, here is a chance to become a James Bond !

The Government Communications Headquarters, GCHQ, has announced this on social networks with a question asking "Can you crack it?" along with time ticking.


The answer to the code has to be typed in as the keyword and if the correct answer is typed in, it redirects to a page showing a link to the agency's recruitment website.

Well trying out some URL combinations in the address bar also gives a result as below

code_crackingUpon successful completion, this is the final page to be displayed :


It has been almost a month since the competition has begun and it will continue till December 12th,2011.

With cyber warfare potentially being the next generation of wars between nations, it is no surprise that the agency has resorted to such a code-cracking competition to recruit people.

This might be new to hear, but GCHQ has followed such methods for recruitment even before.

As BBC says :

In 2009, it placed video content, themes and downloadable pictures on the Xbox Live network which appeared during Call of Duty, Assassin's Creed and other video games.

Two years earlier, it targeted gamers by placing digital posters in online titles including Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas and Splinter Cell Double Agent.

So, Can you crack it

Do share your opinions as to what you feel about the code.

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Solution to part #1 of the puzzle can you crack it

Hint for stage 2 of 3

Solution to part #2 of the puzzle can you crack it

UPDATE: Why crack it when you can get the link to the final stage directly ?

Final answer and stage to can you crack it puzzle.

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