Social networks–Screening test for a Job

How social networking sites can influence
you getting (rejected) for a job?

It is common to use social networking sites to know about a company. For instance, we can make use of LinkedIn to find about a company , what kind of people work there , to which company people moved after working in the company etc., provided the info is available.

But here is a slightly known fact – companies can also make use of the same to screen candidates!!

Reppler, a Social media monitoring service, conducted a survey recently among more than 300 hiring professionals regarding how job recruiters use social networks to screen applicants.

The shocking part of this is that about 90% of recruiters visit the candidates profile on social networking sites during screening and 69% of the recruiters have rejected a candidate based on the content on his/her profile!!

Here is the infographic showing the results of the survey. (via Erica Swallow on Mashable)

So, better be careful using your social networking profiles. This can be one more reason which can motivate you to change your privacy settings !

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