Find stolen camera online


Lost your digital camera? Here is a way to try finding it online!

I recently came across this interesting website which says it can find stolen cameras online.

StolenCameraFinder is a site where it asks us to drag and drop a photo taken using the lost/stolen digital camera and it helps us find the camera. I guess it might be sounding too impractical. But just in case, who knows, it might help you find your camera!!


Now the next big question as to how does it work – here is how:

A photo taken using a digital camera carries some hidden information about the image and also the camera (camera details like the make, model and date). Now this data, known as EXIF data, might also include a unique ID number which can help identify your camera.

So, stolencamerafinder crawls through the web searching for photos, collecting the serial numbers of the cameras in which they were shot.

However, in case you do not have any photo taken in the digital camera, then you can try the same feature by entering the data manually.

If you want to know whether your camera stores such EXIF data, check it here.

LINK : StolenCameraFinder

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