Microsoft My Windows Phone : Sync your phone online

Sync your Windows phone online with

Microsoft My Windows Phone

Microsoft My Windows Phone is a free service from Microsoft which can be really useful for Windows phone users. The service from Microsoft helps users to:

  • Find a lost phone
  • Back up and restore your phone information
  • Upload/Share pictures online
  • Update Phone software
  • Manage your apps – see your purchase history
  • Manage your phone contacts

Here is a brief description of each service.

Finding a lost phone:

microsoft-myphoneIn case you lose your phone, this service helps you to makes it easier to recover your phone – or to prevent someone from using it without your permission.

Also you can ring, lock, erase or show your phone on a map from any Internet-connected computer. More description about how to use this feature is given on the webpage shared at the bottom.

Uploading/Sharing pictures online:

You can also use SkyDrive service to upload pictures and documents upto 25GB for free – which is linked to your Windows Live ID.

Reinstall Apps from web:

After logging into WindowsPhone site, you can goto Application Purchase History and select the app you want to reinstall. It reinstalls the selected App.

Check your text messages/ Contacts and more online:

You can also organize your messages, contacts, appointments of your phone by using this service from anywhere. The changes appear on the phone the  next time it is synced online.

Some important details:

The My Phone service provides 200 MB of free storage on the My Phone web site. The service is free to use except for few services.

My Phone works on almost Windows phones using Windows Mobile 6 or later. To find your Windows Mobile version click Start > Settings > About on the mobile phone.

LINK: Microsoft My Windows Phone