Google Trying Hard to Spread Google+ Usage

Google Trying Hard (forcing?) to Spread Google+ Usage

Google+, the new social networking website from Google, has had a kick start in the beginning with a steep growth in the number of users signing up for it.

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But now the Google+ rage seems to be decreased or at least there is not much growth compared to that during its beginning. So, Google obviously wants its social networking site to become even more popular and it has been trying to do that by making use of its 'eco-system' of web tools.

The recent announcement from Google allowing Bloggers to use their Google+ profiles instead of their Blogger profile strengthens this contention.

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Also it is said that bloggers who integrate Google+ will get access to Google+ integrations which will be rolled out in the future.
So, does that mean those features will not be provided if we do not switch to Google+? This obviously is an incentive for people switching to Google+ and thus indirectly Google seems to be forcing users to join Google+.

Another instance which supports this view is the provision of author information in search results.
Of course you can use just your Google profile to associate with your articles. But the example given to illustrate the procedure clearly shows a Google+ profile link instead of the Google profile link.

There is also a link to create a Google profile button and the interesting part here is that even for a Google profile the button has the symbol of Google+, probably a kind of advertisement to Google+.

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Also observe that if you are a Google+ user, then clicking on the Photos tab present on the top of Google search results will take you to the Photos tab in Google+ and not to your Picasa web album (this used to be the way previously).  So, at least looking at your photos, you might move around other features in Google+.

All these show Google’s efforts to improve and increase the spread of its new born child, Google+, which is definitely a good social networking platform if used with the appropriate privacy settings.

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