Temporary email address without signup

Create a disposable temporary e-mail id without signup
You must have come across a situation when you are asked to provide your email id to proceed further. But providing an email id at unnecessary places might get your mail box spammed.
So, here is a simple cum excellent solution for such problems. GuerrillaMail creates a temporary email for you which you can use for an hour (or even extend the usage time for free using the buttons on the site) without the need for any signup.
Steps to follow:
  1. Goto GuerillaMail webpage. (Opening the page itself creates an email, the ID is shown in the page itself)
  2. Give the email id provided (example: xxxxxxxxx@sharklasers.com) in the website which asks for your email.
  3. Keep the GuerillaMail page open till your work is over i.e, till you receive a confirmation mail or the required mail from the website.
  4. Once your work is over, close the Guerilla Mail page and your mail is also gone.
You can infact use the mail for more time by clicking on the EXTEND button on the webpage. So, that means you can use the free anonymous temporary email id for as long as the page is kept open.
Happy GuerillaMailing, freeing you from spam!
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