Iris is Siri for Android


Iris is Siri’s Android version

Here is an Android app which can be called “Siri for Android phones”.

Siri is the voice assistant which Apple has introduced with its iPhone 4S. It can send text messages for you, set an alarm, predict the weather etcc., all with your voice commands only. It is a really intelligent software – in the sense, if you ask “do you like Steve Jobs”, it says “It is not about me, but about you”.

But the thing is a feature of iOS only. Fortunately, developers have been trying to get something like Siri for Google Android phones too.

When I wondered if there is an Android version of Siri, I found this app, called IRIS, mentioned on Techcrunch.

Iris is developed by a team from, led by Narayan Babu, and the weird part is that the app is developed in just 8 hours!

Here are two screenshots showing Iris’ responses for a few questions:




The team now boasts of an even improved version of Iris which is released on the Android market, and the new updated version includes :

Conversation: You can keep talking about any topic (or just small talk). Even ask her how she is feeling today, whether she likes something etc. You can also try those Siri like wacky questions and Iris will give you sarcastic answers.

Images, links: Now whenever possible, we show images for questions as well as answers. These images are also clickable, which will open up the topic in browser and show you a detailed article.

Better intelligence: We have added a few more fact engines to the mix. Now iris has an enhanced knowledge base. So expect more questions to be answered.

Faster: Like everybody was complaining on the last release, iris took some time to get answers (often). Now, this does not happen anymore, it will give you a response in less than 8 secs (worst case).

To use the app, you need to have "Voice Search" and "TTS library" installed on the Android phone. However, these are most likely to be pre-installed on the phone. So, in case there are not installed, just download them from the Android market before using Iris.

Here is the link to download the Iris app.

P.S: Iris is exactly the reverse of Siri and also has a funny full form :Intelligent Rival Imitator of Siri

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