Angry Birds is this famous


Angry Birds is this famous

It is not a big surprise to know that the highly successful game Angry Birds is played 5,000,000 (5 million) hours per day.

I just came across this article in the Business Insider, referring to The Telegraph, which says

"The 300 million total minutes clocked up each day represents the equivalent of a single gamer spending more than 570 years playing Angry Birds. Each day people spend 300 million minutes playing the game."


Rovio, the Finnish game maker, says 30 million out of the 130 million players play the game everyday.

For a comparison, around 70,000 hours of video related is uploaded on YouTube everyday.

With Angry birds being such a phenomenal success and with its still increasing popularity, what's up the sleeve for Rovio?

A cartoon series of the games is being made by next year.

The company might go on an Initial Public Offer next year and even more interesting is a movie based on Angry Birds, slated for release in 2014.

In another Telegraph article, Peter Vesterbacka, the company’s chief marketing officer says :

“Making a movie is just one part of our game plan. We are here to make Angry Birds a permanent part of pop culture – like Mickey Mouse or Mario - and if making a movie helps with that then that’s great. But it’s not like making a move is our ultimate goal.”

Thus showing that Rovio is planning to get catapulted by their Angry Birds.

Another interesting and a probably unexpected news is that the game-maker's new ventures could include an Angry Birds cookbook of egg recipes. Of course there are also plans to make the popular game into a "big entertainment franchise" [read money spinning franchise].

In case you are wondering why only a cookbook on egg recipes, here is the answer: The birds in the game are angry because their eggs have been stolen by pigs and so the birds have to be catapulted towards pigs residing on a fortress.

Download Angry Birds for Windows PC.

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