Compare deals before buying online in India


Buying books or electronic gadgets online has become very common today as the online deals quote comparatively lower prices. But is it the lowest price being offered ? Here is a simple guide which helps us save some money while buying online.

When I recently came across a similar dilemma I came across an online comparison portal – MySmartPrice - which gathers the current prices of the product we wished to search for from a bunch of sites which are offering the product.

NOTE: The website only compares prices for online deals in India only.

Here below is a screenshot comparing the prices of The Google Story book and observe the price variation !


The site can compare prices of Mobiles, Books, Cameras, Laptops and Games. I personally liked the “Price List” feature which helps us get an idea about the price range of the articles.

For example, if you are planning to buy a laptop, the portal can help you get some idea about the configuration vs. price.

So, the next time you want to buy something (online or at the store) making use of a comparison tool might help save some money or at least give an idea about the cost variation.

Do share with us if there are any more such sites which enable comparison of prices of online deals.

LINK: MySmartPrice

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