Transform Windows 7, Vista , XP to Windows 8 [Tuesday Themes]


This Tuesday we share with you the latest Windows 8 transformation pack 2.0 which transforms your Windows XP or Vista or 7 to look like Windows 8.

The software provides the Windows 8 User Interface, Login Screen, Boot Screen, Metro UI, Aero Auto Colorization, Taskbar UserTile, wallpapers and other features to the existing Windows installation.


Windows 7 transformed to Windows 8 :


Metro UI on Windows 7:


Windows 8 transformation pack installed on Windows XP :


Metro UI on Windows XP:


List of features :

  • Seamless installation and uninstallation giving users safe transformation
  • Easily configurable in single click with intelligence Metro UI design
  • Designed for all editions of Windows XP/Vista/7 including Server Editions
  • Genuine Windows 8 system resources with Metro touches
  • Smart system files updating with auto-repair and Windows Update friendly
  • Fresh start for Vista/Seven Transformation Pack users with updated Windows 8 themes and resources
  • Windows 8 themes, wallpaper and logon screen UserTile with current user auto-configured on login
  • Metro UI desktop emulation with pre-configured gadgets
  • Aero's auto-colorization feature

Requirements :

  • .NET Framework 2.0 - Required for system files transformation in Windows XP/Server 2003 x64 Editions Only.
  • .NET Framework 4.0 - Required for Windows 8 features like User Tile/Metro UI Desktop/Auto-colorization.

LINKS:  Windows 8 transformation Pack 2.0 HomePage |

.NET framework 4.0   |   .NET framework 2.0

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