Facebook official desktop Messenger app for Windows


Facebook has announced the New Year gift. You can now chat with friends on Facebook messenger without actually keeping your browser open all the time.

The new Facebook Messenger for Windows is announced right now as a trial application and with the help of this app, you can

  • Chat and message with your friends on Facebook.
  • See the latest updates from your friends in ticker.
  • Get quick notifications about what’s going on


How to use the Messenger ?

Just download the setup for the app and install it. (Download Link)

After installation, a Facebook icon can be seen in the system tray


Right click on the icon and select Log-in. It opens the browser and then just login to facebook and close the browser – then you are signed on to the app.


To log out right click on the icon and select log out.

The app is still in trial stage so there is still scope for a lot of improvement. But you will like it if you are a regular Facebook user like me.

Read more about the official announcement on Facebook’s Messenger.

Download link for Facebook messenger.

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