A-Google-a-Day daily puzzle


A-Google-A-Day is a recent feature developed by Google to make its Search tool more interesting. Each day a new question is posed and finding the answer to it tests your Google search skills. Of course I like the initiative because it even helps us gain some knowledge too ;-)

The question keeps changing daily at 12:01 AM Eastern Standard Time (GMT –5:00 hours) and the answer to the previous day’s question is also posted.


As the screenshot above shows, the question of the day is at the bottom and you also have HINTS to know what to search for.


Now the best part:

When you try searching for atleast a part of the question, ideally you should be shown some sites where the answer to today’s question is leaked. But Google filters those results and shows the other results just as if A-Google-A-Day did no exist – and this is what they call Deja-Google.

Now the Analysis:

Giving a slightly deeper thought into this work by Google, we can understand the hidden intention.

All it wants is to make us more comfortable (read habituated/addicted) to using Google and the various skills needed. So, more comfort => more regular visits => more visitors for Google => more page impressions => more dominance to Google => more revenue.

LINK: A Google A Day Page

Now wondering what forms a major part of Google’s Revenues

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