Enable Aero features in Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic [Tuesday Themes]


For the users of Windows 7 starter and Home Basic – here is a new year gift. This is a simple & perfectly working way to enable all the Windows 7 features like Aero Glass, Aero Peek desktop customization etc., in Windows 7 Starter or Home Basic editions.

By default, there is no provision to even change the theme , Aero Glass and Windows Flip (Win key + Tab) features on Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic. Now, you can enable all these with this patch created by a Mr.dUsha.

This little utility patches all the necessary system files to enable these aero features.

Using the patch enables the use of following :
- Aero Glass and colors.
- Aero Peek, Aero Shake and WinFlip 3D.
- Also third party themes can be used.


1. Download the patch. (download link at the bottom of the post)
2. Unzip it using 7-zip (download link at the bottom of the post)
3. Run the Personalization Panel.exe as Administrator. (Make sure all other applications are closed because Windows restarts – You might also have to disable your antivirus for this)
4. Click OK and wait for Windows to restart.

That’s it. Get ready for a surprise after the restart.


To uninstall this, just run the same utility again and it will automatically rollback.

Uninstall any previous such patches installed in the system (like Winreview’s Personalization Panel or Personalization panel DWM controller).

Thanks to Shikarev for sharing this on Deviantart.

Download AeroPatch | Download 7-zip

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win7 said...

thanks a lot. works good.

user said...

working finallyy....