Find who unfriended or deleted you on Facebook


Find who unfriended or deleted you on Facebook

Sometimes you might be noticing that your friends on Facebook are decreasing. That means someone of your friends have unfriended you or deleted you from their Facebook friend’s list. Here is a direct one-step way to find who unfriended or deleted you on Facebook.


Facebook sends you a notification when someone adds or accepts your friend request but does not inform you when removed from someone’s friend list.


WhoDeletedMe is a Facebook app which informs you who have been recently added or who have recently removed you from their friend list.


It also keeps track of the number of friends by month/week/day and sends an email when someone deletes you from Facebook friend’s list.


  1. Open the website WhoDeletedMe
  2. Login with your Facebook account
  3. Check the details of who have added or deleted you recently

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