Google Chrome: Let the browser read out text on webpages


How to listen to text on webpage without reading it yourself on Google Chrome.

We always come across long and interesting articles on the web but it is a pain and a strain on the eyes to read the whole article. Also there might be some distraction by the presence of ads alongside.


So, why read long articles straining your eyes while you can actually relax and listen to the text on webpages without reading it.

Here are some Chrome extensions which read out the content on webpages or selected text so that you can listen to the text on webpages without reading it.


Speak It is quite a famous extension for Google Chrome which reads out selected text using Google Network TTS (Text-to-Speech) with language auto-detection. The extension is a beta version as of now, but still worked almost without flaws in our testing.


There are also options to set the volume and the pace of the voice.

Just install the extension and select a piece of text and click on the speak it button on the top of chrome and it does the reading for you.


Link: Install Speak It on your Google Chrome


Select & Speak is another similar extension on Chrome which reads out the selected text on a webpage. It is almost same as Speak It – including the interface and settings.


But I personally liked this because there is an option to select the voice over accent as shown below:


Link: Select and Speak chrome extension

Here is the list of all Chrome extensions which speak out selected text on webpage.

These are two of the many extensions available on the Chrome store. Almost all seemed to be similar. So, why strain your eyes reading articles on webpages. Let Chrome do the speaking for you while you do some other work.

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