Convey last message on Facebook after death


Imagine how would it be if you are given a chance to convey your last message to the world after you die ! It is now possible to let your friends on Facebook know your last message after your death with yet another Facebook app called If I Die.


What Should I Do To Send one last message after my death?

  1. Right now, login to Facebook with your credentials and install If I Die app.
  2. Create a video or a Text message
  3. Choose 3 of your friends or family members on Facebook so that they confirm your death. The moment these trustees confirm your death, the message is shared !! Until then, your messages are safely stored on a server.


Here is a short video describing the need for the app and how it works :

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Genius24 said...

This is really an awesome post. Now one can able to speared the massage of his death after he dies. Really an useful application. I think most of facebook users are gonna love this apps.